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Which is the best One Piece arc? The English anime voice cast shared their picks

There is a clear winner among the cast.

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Most fans are incredibly opinionated creatures, but that is especially true of One Piece fans. Everyone has their favorite One Piece arc – turns out that includes the English cast of One Piece. During the One Piece Cast Reunion panel at MCM London, a fan asked the voices of the Straw Hats what their favorite One Piece arc was and there was a clear winner among the crew.

One by one, down the line, nearly the entire One Piece cast cited the Water 7 arc as their favorite. And we get it. This is when the World Government, which had previously been mostly a nuisance to our merry band of pirates, became a legitimate threat. Plus, it saw Luffy stepping up as a leader like never before. For Sonny Strait, the voice of Usopp, Water 7 was when Usopp went from a fun character to “Oh my God you’re my favorite character now.” Despite being a lot of setup for the upcoming Enies Lobby arc, Water 7 delivers character growth in spades. We loved the Water 7 arc so much that it landed in the top five of our favorite One Piece arcs ever.

There was one holdout among the crew. Nami’s actor, Luci Christian, admitted that it was the Whole Cake arc that remains her favorite because they recorded it during the pandemic, while Colleen Clinkenbeard admitted that the current arc, Egghead Island, is shaping up to be one of the greats as well. So, if you’ve managed to stay up-to-date on the One Piece anime, you’ve been in for a real treat.

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