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Shangri-La Frontier season 2 release date: We're diving back into the world of gaming at Crunchyroll this year

The main character says Poggers. What more do you want?

Shangri-La Frontier season 1 screenshot
Image credit: C2C

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We like to think that, as technology advances, the existence of terrible, rushed, glitchy video games will dwindle to zero, but, as we see in Shangri-La Frontier, there will always be a glut of trash games that flood the market. This is good news for Rakuro, who takes pride in completing the worst of the worst that full-dive VR games have to offer. In Shangri-La Frontier, Rakuro tries something different; a good and popular game. Now that Shangri-La Frontier season two is on its way to Crunchyroll, we are ready to see how his journey continues when its release date arrives.

By the end of the first season, Rakuro had used the skills and persistence he had developed while mastering terrible games to rise through the ranks of Shangri-La Frontier faster than anyone could have imagined. The first season ended in March of this year, but we won’t be waiting long to see what happens next. Shangri-La Frontier season two is due to arrive on October 13, 2024 and will once again be streaming on Crunchyroll.

Just like the first season, Shangri-La Frontier season two will run for two consecutive cours, which usually amounts to around 26 episodes total across six months. Considering the popularity of the first season, we wouldn’t be surprised if season two becomes one of the big titles of both the upcoming Fall and Winter anime seasons.

Shangri-La Frontier season two will debut on October 13, 2024 and will once again be streaming on Crunchyroll throughout its six-month run.

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