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Apocalypse how?: Vote for your favorite dystopian, post-apocalyptic movie in our poll!

It's the end of the world as we know it, and we want to know which movie makes you feel fine

Mad Max
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When it comes down to it, everyone has their own preferred end of the world scenario. Even the most optimistic person among us all secretly has their take on how everything is going to go down when it starts to go down — and, in most cases, it’s a belief that’s heavily informed by people’s choice of favorite post-apocalypse movie. Maybe you’re convinced that we’re going to suffer through ecological collapse and forced to struggle for water and natural resources because you grew up watching Mad Max, or you’re someone who thinks that we’re going to end up facing nuclear holocaust because you were exposed to Akira at an impressionable age.

(We’re won’t even judge if you think we’re going to end up struggling against our simian overlords because of a childhood diet of Planet of the Apes movies; unlike our inevitable dystopian future, this is a safe space.)

All of this leads to one obvious question, however: while we might have our favorite apocalyptic scenarios, what is the best post-apocalyptic movie series? We’ve listed the most obvious options below for you to vote on, allowing us one more chance to exercise our democratic rights before the oncoming end of society — and if your favorite isn’t on the list, there's even an option to vote for "other," and then you can let us know in the comments what we’re missing out on... because it's never too late to discover a whole new possibility for the way the world could end.

Well, until the actual end of the world, that is.

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