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Archie is making a sequel to its satanic rock 'n roll saga The Cult of That Wilkin Boy

Creators Cullen Bunn and Dan Schoening return for the second installment of the horror music crossover

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation
Image credit: Robert Hack/Archie Comics

You really can’t keep a teen cult down. A year after they revived their classic counter-culture character as a horror icon, Archie Comics is at it again, with a second That Wilkin Boy special coming this April from creators Cullen Bunn, Dan Schoening, and Ben Galvan.

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Following up on last year’s Chilling Adventures Presents: The Cult of That Wilkin Boy one-shot, Archie is letting Bingo Wilkin back out on the road after building the career that he launched at the end of his last appearance — going from 'demonically-powered pop star' to the far more dangerous 'manager who has managed to leverage his success into literally defeating the devil himself.' But what happens when he decides that he wants… more? If that sounds like a recipe for disaster (and, of course, some good horror comics) to you, then you’re entirely right.

The new one-shot, The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation, re-teams the creators of the first Wilkin Boy issue (including colorist Matt Herms and letterer Jack Morelli), and features covers from Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado, and Robert Hack.

Archie’s official description of the issue reads, “Returning to the world of last year’s successful The Cult of That Wilkin Boy, Bingo is now a music manager—and the devil incarnate. He’s initiating others by exchanging their souls for stardom. But is this what he really wants out of life? Is this what he worked so hard for? Bingo embarks on a quest to return to his first love: performing music. But the road back to superstardom isn’t going to be an easy one, and it’s going to take a lot of souls to get there.”

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation will be released April 24. Take a look at the covers below.

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation
Image credit: Dan Schoening/Archie Comics
The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation
Image credit: Robert Hack/Archie Comics

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