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Artist's Alley Asks: Gene Ha reveals all about his Chicago must-sees, convention must-haves, and potential arch-nemesis

The artist behind Wonder Woman: Historia - The Amazons is very familiar with the Windy City

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We get it; it can be daunting talking to some of the greatest creators in the comic book industry. That’s why, at C2E2 2024, Popverse video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson talked to them for you for a segment called Artist’s Alley Asks, where six of the leading talents in the biz answered five questions so searching that it was like getting a glimpse inside their very souls.

What are the questions? They’re everything you need to know about any creator tabling at a major comic book convention, is the answer. Specifically:

  • What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re in Chicago?
  • Which are you more excited for - the new Fantastic Four movie, or the new Superman movie?
  • What are the must-have things you bring to every convention?
  • Tell me something you’re NOT working on, but would drop everything for, for the right price?
  • If you had an arch-nemesis, who or what would it be?

Above, you have the chance to see Top 10, Wonder Woman: Historia: The Amazons, Mae, and Batman: Fortunate Son artist Gene Ha’s responses to each question in one fell swoop, and just from his answers to those five questions, think about everything you now know about the man! (Especially that handy light tip.) It’s as if you’re both already best friends with one of comics’ finest artists, and that’s just from a two-minute video. You’re welcome.

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