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C2E2 2024: Come watch what Popverse got up to during Chicago's best weekend of the year

Ashley V. Robinson guides you through a video highlight reel of our time in the Windy City

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We got up to a lot at C2E2 2024 — but maybe you needed some proof of that. Thankfully, the always wonderful Popverse video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson has you covered with a video recap of some of the show’s highlights!

Watch the video above to see just some of what we got up to during Chicago’s finest convention experience this past weekend (as well as a chance to see what the main stage looks like when no-one is in there, which is admittedly a very strange experience) — and if you’re wondering what’s included, we’re happy to help. You can see:

And, as the saying goes, much more. If you’re looking for more C2E2 coverage, you can find it right here, but you should also keep your eyes on the site across the next few days, as there’s much more to come. The convention doors may close in the physical world, sure, but the convention never really ends here on Popverse…

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