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Artist's Alley Asks: Superman or Fantastic Four? Gene Ha, Cully Hamner, Jarrett Melendez, Rachael Stott, Soo Lee, and Tim Seeley weigh in on their cinematic preference

Which of July 2025's big superhero relaunches are the pride of C2E2's Artist's Alley most excited about?

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It’s the question on a lot of people’s lips right now — when it comes to your moviegoing habits in summer 2025, which movie holds your heart: Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four, or DC Studios’ Superman?

Both represent big swings for their respective studios, and new beginnings for some iconic superheroes that have enjoyed… let’s go with ‘mixed’ fortunes on the big screen in the past. But with both movies currently scheduled to come out within weeks of each other in July next year, those with particularly pressed schedules — say, for example, the fine creative folk working in the comic book industry who happen to be appearing in Artist’s Alley at C2E2 2024 at McCormick Place as you read these very words — might find themselves having to choose between one movie or the other. So… which one will they pick?

Popverse’s very own Lois Lane, Ashley Victoria Robinson, took to Artist’s Alley to ask that very question to Gene Ha (Mae, Wonder Woman Historia), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Black Lightning), Jarrett Melendez (Chef's Kiss, My Pokemon Baking Book), Rachael Stott (Doctor Who, X-Men), Soo Lee (Carmilla, Star Wars: Tales from the Death Star), and Tim Seeley (Local Man, Hack/Slash)… some of whom have worked on some of the characters appearing in said movies. Wonder what they had to say on the topic? Wonder no more — just take a look at the video!

Want to see more from these creators? Keep an eye on Popverse throughout C2E2 2024 — running until April 28 — for more important questions being answered, importantly.

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