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Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson returns to LA Shakespeare cabaret Shakes on the Rocks this February

It's Shakespeare, but faster, funnier, and with a two-drink minimum

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson is returning to the stage in Los Angeles as a company actor in Shakes on the Rocks on Saturday, February 10th.

Shakes on the Rocks is, in the words of its producers, “an ongoing Shakespeare cabaret at Idle Hour that takes our conceptions of Shakespeare and type casting, then cuts the fat and throws it in a blender.” What that means in practice is that the various talented performers offers the audience the choice between two Shakespearean classics, via a wheel spin, with the winner being performed in an improvised, shortened format over the next 90 minutes. 2024 is the first year Shakes on the Rocks will hold a coveted Saturday night performance slot in Los Angeles.

Shakes on the Rocks producers have revealed one of the two potential Shakespeare plays which will be on the wheel in their upcoming February 10th show - Macbeth! You can get your tickets here.

"It's 2024, and your favorite randomized Shakespeare cabaret is back! 12 actors, 2 plays, 1 wheel of destiny." Shakes on the Rocks creator and producer James Ferrero tells Popverse, "Fate will decide the play we do, and chance will decide the parts the actors play. For our next show, Julius Caesar and Macbeth will be our options. So be sure to grab a drink and some food at our home, The Roguelike Tavern, and dial in (2 Item Minimum). And if you're feeling lucky, step right up to see how you do with a little trivia. But be careful, Playing Our Bards Right ain't your grandma's trivia. Or maybe it is, and your grandma is just super rad. We'll see you at the show!"

The event, which happens around six times a year, was created by James Ferrero, and is produced by Ferrero, Zoo Holmstrom, Acacia Garden Fisher, Rob Angell, and Lindsay Zana.

Shows take place at the Roguelike Tavern in Burbank, with the next one scheduled for April 12. More information about Shakes on the Rocks can be found here.

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