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An Attack on Titan character is coming to life to talk about the upcoming finale

Get a glimpse into the mind of the larger-than-life villain.

Eren Yaeger during season 4 of Attack on Titan
Image credit: MAPPA

With the finale of Attack on Titan looming just over the horizon, the hype around the conclusion is reaching epic proportions. It has gotten so intense that Eren Yaeger, who serves as both protagonist and antagonist of the anime, will be interviewed by Japan’s national broadcaster in the week before the second half of Attack on Titan’s Final Season The Final Chapters airs.

The interview was announced earlier today as part of the NHK’s The Professionals series, which interviews and documents the working lives of people in Japan. It usually involves following them around as they do their jobs, though in this case that "job" is wiping out 90% of humanity. The announcement on Twitter/X explained that the show’s October 23 episode will showcase Eren Yaeger’s life as a soldier and document his motivations. Hopefully, they ask him to explain why he decided to go full genocide in the final season of Attack on Titan, but we understand that might be a touchy subject.

It all sounds weird, but it isn’t even the first time The Professionals have interviewed a fictional character. Previously, they ran a special about Vocaloid pioneer Hatsune Miku, though their typical subjects are more grounded in reality. They have also documented famed anime directors Hayao Miyazaki and Hideaki Anno.

The Eren Yaeger interview is due to air on October 23 in Japan and is the first time that NHK's The Professionals has interviewed an anime protagonist, which should indicate how big the long-awaited finale to the anime will be. Attack on Titan Final Season The Final Chapters second half will air on November 4 and finally bring the long-running anime series to a close.

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