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A sneak peek at what's coming from Avery Hill in 2024

Four big new titles are coming to UK indie Avery Hill Publishing this year, here's what to expect

Three cropped comics panels from Safer Places
Image credit: Kit Anderson

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If you've had an eye on the independent graphic novel publisher scene, you'll have heard of Avery Hill Publishing. Established in 2012, the young publisher includes among its impressive catalog Tillie Walden's On a Sunbeam, Zoe Thorogood's The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott, and many more comics by up-and-coming creators. 2024 will see four new graphic novels added to that list.

Barking by Lucy Sullivan, a black and white story about depression and grief, is slated to come out February 27, followed by Safer Places by Kit Anderson, a new story collection about "isolation, memory, liminal spaces, and small magic," which will be released March 26. Infinite Wheatpaste vol.1 – Catalytic Conversions by Pidge, a brightly colored sci-fi adventure, is scheduled for May 30, while Disciples of the Soil by B. Mure, a fantasy about how plans for a new rail line threaten the land and the god who lies underneath it, will hit shelves July 9.

If any of these titles pique your interest, they'll be out soon for you to pick up with your comics-loving hands. But until then, you can check out some never-before-seen pages of all four graphic novels in the gallery below.

For any comics fans who can't wait to learn more about these four titles, Avery Hill is running a 45 minute online preview of their upcoming 2024 launches on February 22nd at 11AM EST - plus, Barking cartoonist Lucy Sullivan will make an appearance to chat about her graphic novel!

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