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Sarah's Scribbles author is getting existential (and coming full circle) in new book, Adulthood is a Gift

And sharing 20 new Sarah's Scribbles you won't find online.

Sarah's Scribbles
Image credit: Sarah Andersen

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Sarah's Scribbles is a disarmingly funny webcomic series that works because its author, Sarah Andersen, is just as much a comedian as she is an artist - and she's not afraid to let one get in the way of another. The strip, which is one of the most popular comics shared on social media, has been collected in four print editions to date, but now we have news of a fifth.

And it's a callback to the original volume which made this all possible.

Anderson is currently working on a fifth volume of Sarah's Scribbles, tentatively titled Adulthood is a Gift - a play on the title of the first volume, Adulthood is a Myth (Gift, Myth... get it?). Like previous volumes, it will collect roughly 80 of her favorite strips from the webcomic - but as some of you may not realize, she will include 20 new comics that are exclusive to these print editions.

"Adulthood Is a Gift is a bigger reflection on what I think of adulthood now as someone who’s over 30," Andersen tells Popverse's Sam Stone. "In the back part of it, there is an essay section where I reflect on what I have learned as an adult and a cartoonist. I write a little about it and it’s a way to round out the first book with the body of work that I’ve produced thus far."

Andersen is anticipating that Sarah's Scribbles: Adulthood is a Gift to come out in November 2024 from Andrews McMeel Publishing - one year after the last volume, Oddball.

Read our full interview with Sarah Andersen now.

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