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A new Baki the Grappler anime is coming as an adaptation of 2014's Baki-Dou is green-lit

Somehow, Miyamoto Musashi has returned.

Screenshot from Baki Hanma anime
Image credit: Netflix

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Fans are getting more Baki in their lives as another of Keisuke Itagaki’s iconic fighting manga is getting an anime adaptation. The first of the Baki-Dou manga has been green-lit for an anime, though specific details about a release date or where it will be available are more elusive than an ounce of body fat on the characters in the show.

There might be a bit of confusion about which manga is getting adapted thanks to some unusual naming conventions in the original Japanese. There are two Baki-Dou manga – one that began in 2014 and the other which started in 2018 – by Keisuke Itagaki. While their names translate the same way, the 2018 Baki-Dou manga used katakana characters rather than kanji for Baki to differentiate it – something that is lost in the English translation.

It is the 2014 Baki-Dou manga that is getting an anime adaptation, which was revealed at a screening for the final episode of the Baki Hanma season two anime in Tokyo in March 2024. The story takes place directly after the Strongest Parent/Child Quarrel arc in the Baki Hanma manga and involves a legendary swordsman being resurrected in the modern day through cloning and necromancy to become the new opponent that Baki and his fellow fighters must overcome.

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There are no further details available for the Baki-Dou anime adaptation. TMS Anime released a promotional video that consists solely of still images from the manga with ominous music. We don’t know when the Baki-Dou anime will come out or where it will stream, though it will probably find a home on Netflix, which has carried most of the Baki anime series so far.

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