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Cat Convention: A Bandai-led cat-themed booth coming to San Diego Comic Con

Everyone likes cats, so everyone should like their favorite characters as cats.

Bandai Namco is one of the biggest names in toys and merchandising, and yes, they will be at San Diego Comic Con with some of their trademark booths. In fact, we might even have a little preview of one of their booths for you...

Last week, Bandai Namco had pretty big presence with multiple booths at the Anime Expo 2023 Entertainment Hall. From capsule toy machines to block building kits to a huge Studio Ghibli booth featuring not only a huge furry Totoro, but also a huge furry Catbus (both Totoro and the Catbus will be making their way to San Diego too) as well, it'd be hard not to find something that catches your eye. But for those who are sad that they missed out at Anime Expo, they don't be! You'll get another chance to swing by these booths at San Diego Comic Con.

Popverse stopped by many of the Bandai Namco booths at Anime Expo this year, but one particular booth caught our eye. This booth was called the Mega Cat Project Nyaruto Diner.

The Mega Cat Project booth (which also will be appearing later this month at San Diego Comic Con) takes the form of a 50s diner, diner menus, soda jerk hats, and all. The checkout counter fits the diner theme by looking like the window at a hamburger joint, and the product displays are all deliciously food-related. As for the cats, they're tiny figurine cat-versions of popular anime characters from Naruto (charmingly called Nyaruto), Attack on Titan (Attack on Tinyan), and Sailon Moon (Sailor Mewn).

The cats are all adorable, and the booth itself is definitely worth watching, one of the more interesting (and so far, not wildly crowded) displays at the show. It also helps that the cat figurines are adorable and affordably priced (the 2023 convention exclusive set of two cats costs $15).

Check out photos of the Mega Cat Project Nyaruto Diner in the gallery below.

Popverse is covering San Diego Comic Con in a big way this year. Check out our landing page for that coverage and make sure to check back when the big week is here.