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Barbie will be ready to go from the Dreamhouse to your house in September

Warner Bros. announces the digital home release date for Greta Gerwig's pop culture phenomenon

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Come on, Barbie. Let’s go… home?

Since the movie became a certified pop culture phenomenon, fans have been wondering one thing: sure, it’s fun to go to the theater again and again to revisit Barbieworld — especially when it features brand-new footage — but when will everyone be able to watch it in the comfort of their own dream house? Now, finally, we have an answer.

When will Barbie be available to buy or rent digitally?

After being named the highest-grossing movie of 2023 globally in its theatrical run, Warner Bros. is finally ready to let Barbie come home, with a September 12 release date set for digital purchase and rental.

The movie, directed and co-written by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the eponymous icon, will be available to buy for $29.99, or rent for $24.99 on that date on multiple digital platforms, including Prime Video, AppleTV, and Google Play. Deadline reports that Air Canada is also adding the movie to its in-flight offerings this month.

That means that the original version of the movie will be available for fans to keep, even as the Imax version, with new footage, debuts in theaters Sept. 22.

When will Barbie be available on Max?

Warner Bros. Discovery has yet to announce an official date for Barbie to debut on Max, but based on past evidence, it seems safe to assume that audiences can expect to see Barbie, Ken et al to show up on the service somewhere in mid-to-late October. Both Shazam: Fury of the Gods and The Flash were added to the streaming service roughly a month after its digital rental and purchase date. Given that information, a mid-October addition for Max would seem a sure bet… but until anything is officially announced, don’t take anything as Barbie gospel.

When Barbie is ready for home viewing, it’ll give you the chance to properly dig into the Ken Problem once and for all.