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Ryan Gosling is totally up for performing I'm Just Ken at the Oscars - and he's surprisingly affordable

Can you feel the Kenergy? Cause we can

Ryan Gosling in I am Kenough hoodie
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to films throughout 2023 that Barbie is one of the frontrunners in the Oscar hunt. Unsurprisingly, Ryan Gosling’s performance of I’m Just Ken is in contention for a Best Song nomination, which has led to talk of the actor performing live at the ceremony.

That talk, it seems, is news to Gosling himself, though. During an interview with W, he admitted that he hadn’t been invited (yet). “I wasn’t thinking about it until now and now it’s all I’m going to think about.”

Considering how the song ear-wormed its way into our collective hearts last year, we think it would be a shame to see it on Oscar night. We can see it now – numerous Hollywood stars lined up for a stirring vocal performance that proudly professes their love for Barbie. Bonus points if they can sort some rainbow I’m Kenough hoodies for the ensemble. Even more bonus points if that ensemble includes folks like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stathom.

The good news is that Gosling is totally up for it. Enthusiastic, even. “Do you get paid for that?” he asked, the prospect seeming to lift his mood substantially. “What do you get paid to sing at the Oscars? They pick you up at least, right? Do you have to self-drive?” For that price, we'd be willing to hire him out to birthday parties in the area.

We don’t want to do The Academy’s job for them – unless they’re paying and/or willing to sort out our transport to the show – but this seems like a win-win. Gosling gets to show us what Kenergy really is live on stage, the organizers rope in one of the biggest names in Hollywood for the price of an LA Uber, and we all get a reason to get excited about the live show that doesn’t include a physical altercation on live television.

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