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Come on Barbie, let's go Comic-Con party: Will the movie be coming to San Diego?

There's a adults-only Barbie party coming to San Diego Comic-Con - but possibly even more.

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Barbie seems a perfect fit for San Diego any time of the year, but with a new movie coming out the week of San Diego Comic Con, we could have a dream date. While Warner Bros. Pictures has yet to announce any movie panels themselves, there's still time for Barbie at SDCC in a pink and perfect world.

Don't believe us? Warner Bros. just flew the cast and director to South Korea for an event hyping that film's release over there.

Even if Barbie herself doesn't make it to SDCCC - here's still other opportunities. Some which we already know about.

Barbie at SDCC: The Malibu Dream Lounge

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If you like Barbie and you love to party, XLE Productions is running a Barbie-themed party called the Malibu Dream Lounge (alternatively, the Malibu Dream Experience). While not officially affiliated with Barbie's owners, XLE is running this event Wednesday, July 19 through Friday, July 21 from 12pm to 7pm PST at San Diego's Parq Night Club.

Described as an "immersive plastic aesthetic atmosphere," The Malibu Dream Lounge experience is for those 18 & up, with a plastic ball-filled bubble bath, a lawn game, a fashion game, a pool, and yes, a lounge by the pool. You get all this for one hour for $40 - and that includes complimentary nonalcoholic beverages (with the adult kind available for an additional cost) and sweets.

Barbie at SDCC: Barbie merchandise

While I have no insider information on this, there's bound to be some official Barbie merch at San Diego Comic Con. Mattel is confirmed to have a booth at this year's SDCC, and has laready announced they'll be taking part in the San Diego Comic-Con Online Exclusives Portal lottery system. Don't worry though, they are reserving some spaces for general entry. I'm told they're only taking credit card - the plastic, just like Barbie.

Here's our rundown of all the big SDCC 2023 booths.

Barbie at SDCC: Barbie activations

An official Barbie movie activiation seems like a shoe-in (or would that be pump heel-in?) for Comic-Con International: San Diego, we would love to see a posh Barbie set - and yes, it has to have the Barbie Corvette.

Barbie at SDCC: The Barbie panel

While the Writers' Strike (and a possible Actors' Strike) could preclude a star-studded Hall H panel, what if they went the fan-route and held a screening of the Barbie movie in Hall H? Whatyasay... we invite fans, with those in costume getting guaranteed access.

Here's a rundown of all the big SDCC 2023 panels we're excited for.

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