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Batman and Robin re-team for a new ongoing series this September

Joshua Williamson and Simone Di Meo are the creative team behind this latest Dynamic Duo series

Batman & Robin
Image credit: DC

Their five-issue fight is over, and starting this fall, it’s time for DC’s Dynamic Duo to team up once again, with the announcement coming from MegaCon Orlando that a new Batman and Robin series will begin this September as part of the Dawn of DC initiative.

Little information was released about the new title beyond its launch date, its creative team — Joshua Williamson and Simone Di Meo — and the fact that the series will see Bruce and Damian Wayne once again working together to continue their fight against crime. Then again, with preview art for the issue featuring Di Meo’s designs for a Robinmobile, what more does anyone need to know?

The series sees Williamson return to Damian Wayne; he was the writer on the 2021 solo Robin series that put the former leader of the Teen Titans in the spotlight, fighting for his life (and then some) on Lazarus Island. Given that the 2021 series was also the run that introduced Damian Wayne’s love of romance manga, we can only hope that this is a thread that will continue in the new series.

Batman and Robin also builds on the recently concluded Batman vs. Robin series, which brought long-simmering tensions between the father/son duo to a head in a manner that could only be accomplished in superhero comics — namely, involving magic, life and death, and the healing power of belief. As a result of that storyline, it would appear that Batman and Robin are closer than they’ve ever been before… but given these two’s tempestuous relationship, that’s almost certainly not going to remain the case for two long.

Batman and Robin #1 launches in September. Check out Di Meo's preview art - and the Robinmobile designs! - below:

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