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Batman and Catwoman's marriage: Tom King reveals the original plans for Bats & Cats to get married in DC continuity

DC almost let Tom King go through with the Batman and Catwoman marriage, according to the writer.

Batman #50 cover featuring wedding with Catwoman
Image credit: DC Comics

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Holy Bat-trimony! It appears that Batman and Catwoman were closer to wedded bliss than we originally thought. In 2018 Batman and Catwoman were set to be wed in Batman #50, which was a major turning point in Tom King’s run on the title. The nuptials were heavily publicized throughout the media, as DC promoted the event with news features, house ads, and tie-in comics.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Selina Kyle never showed up to the wedding, leaving the Dark Knight heartbroken. Although Batman and Catwoman later reconciled, another wedding wasn’t in the cards. However, King revealed that the story almost had another ending.

During a WonderCon 2023 panel, one fan asked him to elaborate on a comment he had made during a 2019 Hollywood Reporter interview. Speaking with Popverse's Graeme McMillan, King said he had gotten special approval for plans that would change Batman “for a generation.”

What were those plans? According to King, Batman and Catwoman were going to have a second wedding, and this time they would’ve gone through with it.

“At one point it was green lit. Near the end the marriage was greenlit,” King told the panel. “So I probably said it during that small window before that door closed. It had been closed from day one. I proposed the marriage before I started on it. And then after [Batman #50] came out, they were like 'Wow, there's a lot of energy here.' So they said yeah.”

In 2021 King wrote the limited series Batman/Catwoman for DC’s Black Label imprint. The series featured a marriage between Bruce and Selina, but it was out of continuity. However, this was originally meant to be the ending to his Batman run. “Clay (Mann) and I were supposed to do it. Batman/Catwoman was supposed to be in continuity with them being married. And then so many things happened at once. But that was it, they were supposed to be married. I mean, they got married in Batman/Catwoman, so that's great.”

In other words, if you’re curious to see how things would have played out, check out Batman/Catwoman. While a marriage between the Caped Crusader and the Feline Fatale may not be in the cards, it’s interesting to note how close we got.

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