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DC expands Sean Murphy's alt-Batman White Knight line with two new projects bringing in Wonder Woman, Superman, and the children of Joker and Harley Quinn

Get ready for Generation Joker and World's Finest

Batman White Knight Presents Generation Joker
Image credit: DC

As the final issue of Sean Murphy’s Batman: Beyond the White Knight hits shelves, DC has announced not one, but two new projects expanding the alternate take on the Batman mythos in new and unexpected directions. Spoilers ahead, be warned.

In the immediate aftermath of Beyond the White Knight, Jack Napier (the former Joker) is dead… or is he? A new series titled Batman: White Knight Presents Generation Joker promises to answer that question in a surprising way, courtesy of two kids and a stolen Batmobile.

The six-issue series, written by Katana Collins and Clay McCormack from a story by Sean Murphy, with art by Mirka Andolfo, sees the kids of Jack Napier and Harley Quinn run away from home with a secret mission — bringing their dad back to life — and the most unlikely of moral compasses to help them stay on the (relatively) straight and narrow: a hologram of Jack to act as their own personal Jiminy Cricket.

"I'm really excited to be expanding the world of White Knight with this new book,” Murphy says in a statement. “I think Clay, Katana, and Mirka are doing a great job of adding more variety to the characters and the universe. Anyone who's wondering what happens to Bruce and the gang after the big reveal in Beyond the White Knight will want to check this out."

Murphy’s contribution to Generation Joker is limited to plot and covers, because he’s busy working on the next White Knight series, World’s Finest: White Knight, which will feature Murphy’s takes on Superman and Wonder Woman. Details on that title, officially announced in the closing pages of Beyond the White Knight, will be forthcoming closer to launch, according to DC.

Batman: White Knight Presents Generation Joker #1 (of 6) is released May 9, with covers by Murphy, Mirka Andolfo, and Dan Mora. Check out the covers in the gallery below, which also features previews of Andolfo’s interiors from the first issue.

Sean Murphy isn’t the only creator offering alternate takes on DC’s Dark Knight; revisit the announcement of Marc Silvestri’s Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo.

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