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Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, and more get new costumes for DC summer event Absolute Power

The one-time Justice League have new clothes - and they'll need them, as they're losing their powers.

Absolute Power #1
Image credit: Dan Mora (DC)

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Superhero costumes change from time to time, but in a rare move DC is changing the costumes of its bgigest seven heroes all in one fell swoop for its upcoming summer comics event Absolute Power.

As revealed when DC revealed the covers to July 3's Absolute Power #1, the core seven DC heroes formerly known as the Justice League have stripped their costumes back-to-basics . Why? Because they're about to lose thier powers thanks to the machinations of the big bad of Absolute Power, Amanda Waller.

As seen in these designs by Absolute Power artist Dan Mora, the heroes - Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman - have new duds... and we kinda love it? The one thing is there's a preponderance of grey, but from the looks of it from the cover above when their equipment abilities take effect (like that Green Lantern ring) things tend to brighten up.

Absolute Power #1 variant cover
Image credit: Dan Mora (DC)
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