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David Beckham playfully teases wife Victoria's claims at a "working class" childhood in Netflix show

Like she didn't spend most of the 90s calling herself Posh Spice.

David Beckham in the new Netflix documentary about his career
Image credit: Netflix

Every couple has their quirks, but few would probably be willing to do what David and Victoria Beckham have done and bring a camera crew into their home. The ensuing four-part documentary on Netflix, titled Beckham, has brought fans closer to the celebrity couple than ever before and offered insight into the foibles of their relationship, including one scene where David gives Victoria a seemingly playful ribbing for claiming working-class roots.

In the scene, Victoria is talking about her childhood and claims that her family was “very, very working class.” This claim goes unchallenged by the interviewers, but David suddenly appears around a door frame to question it. After a bit of back and forth, David asks Victoria what kind of car her father drove her to school in. Begrudgingly, Victoria admits that it was a Rolls-Royce. Not exactly the vehicle of the working class.

Those of us who remember the '90s pop scene likely find Victoria Beckham’s claim to working-class roots even more strange. As a member of the Spice Girls, Victoria proudly wore the moniker of Posh Spice since 1994 in a nod to her family’s wealth. Fans have been quick to question why Victoria would try to rewrite her own history in such a blatant way, though the main takeaway from the clip is the seemingly unscripted playfulness the two celebrities have in their relationship.

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Beckham follows David's long soccer career, including his high-profile marriage to singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria, and features plenty of dramatic moments, including David discussing his struggles with mental health and his long-rumored affair with his previous assistant.

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