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Witness the most Jason Statham movie ever, The Beekeeper (or at least its trailer, for now)

He's a beekeeper who's also part of a shadowy group of trained killers called the Beekeepers, obviously

The Beekeeper
Image credit: MGM

The good news for Jason Statham fans is that the first trailer for his new movie, The Beekeeper, has arrived — and even better news is that it looks like the most Jason Statham movie he’s appeared in in some time. Which, when you think of recent Jason Statham movies, is really saying something.

Directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer — the other Suicide Squad, not the James Gunn one — from a script by Kurt Wimmer, the man behind screenplays for the remakes of The Thomas Crown Affair, Total Recall, and Point Break (as well as the screenplay for Expend4bles, which may or may not be a plus in your respective books), The Beekeeper is a title that is intended both literally and metaphorically: Statham plays an actual beekeeper who is, of course, also a highly trained killing machine who will stop at nothing to protect his metaphorical hive from threats… which translates as, “he’s going to beat up anyone who tries to take advantage of the innocent and defenseless.”

Think of it as “John Wick, but this time it’s about telemarketing scams.” Which might seem like a joke until you watch the actual trailer.


There’s nothing about this trailer that doesn’t look like a good time, whether it’s the admittedly flimsy high concept, the choice of supporting actors — who isn’t thrilled to see Jeremy Irons play an upper class villain again, let’s be real — or the cover of “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails that soundtracks the whole thing. Statham, of course, commits to the bit as only Jason Statham can, which is to say, impeccably but with his whole tongue in his cheek throughout. He truly is a movie star like none other.

The Beekeeper is out January 12, which is good for us, but sad news for cinema as a whole; it’s sad to see the race for Best Movie of 2024 end so early in the year. Check out the poster below and start planning your Beekeeper cosplay for the premiere date right now.

The Beekeeper
Image credit: MGM

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