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You voted - here are Popverse readers' best movies of 2023

The answer may surprise you

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2023 has been a big year for movies - whether it's been in theaters, in your home, or on your phone. We've learned we're all living in a Barbie world, how good basketball is as an anime, and how good a great Spider-Man movie can be.

Though we have our own opinions on the best movies of the year, we wanted to hear from you too. Here are the top movies according to Popverse readers.

The winner of 2023 is surprisingly comedy movie Good Burger 2, the long awaited sequel to Good Burger starring Kel Mitchell and Keenan Thompson. The movie is currently streaming on Paramount+, in case you haven't seen it yet and want to catch up.

Following Good Burger 2, Popverse fans voted (in this order) for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Totally Killer, Oppenheimer, and Five Nights at Freddy's. A pretty wide range of movies, if we can say so ourselves - especially considering some of the movies that didn't make it into that top 5 line-up. (Really, no Barbie? Who could've seen that coming?)

Check out the Popverse team's own thoughts on the best movies of 2023, and here's to another great year for movies in 2024! (It does look like there's a lot of stuff coming to enjoy, if nothing else.)

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