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Sink your teeth into an exclusive preview of Blacula: Return of the King

Blacula: Return of the King was inspired by the classic 1970s blaxploitation movie

Blacula: Return of the King
Image credit: Zombie Love Studios

The creative team behind the acclaimed Killadelphia — writer Rodney Barnes and artist Jason Shawn Alexander — are getting back together to take on one of horror’s greatest monsters… and one of the 1970s’ greatest creations. Blacula is back in a new graphic novel called Return of the King, and Popverse has an exclusive preview to share with you.

The graphic novel, from Barnes’ own Zombie Love Studios, is an adaptation and expansion of, the 1972 classic movie, which spawned a number of blaxploitation horror movies throughout the subsequent decade. Blacula centers around William Marshall as the title character, an 18th century African prince transformed into a vampire by Count Dracula and imprisoned for centuries before escaping in the present day, becoming a vampire in modern day Los Angeles.

The new book brings things firmly up-to-date by taking the story into the 21st century, and pushing the property further than its gone before — yes, that includes 1973’s sequel, the spectacularly named Scream, Blacula, Scream.

“An aspect of my comics career has been returning to my childhood loves,” Barnes told Popverse via email. “Blacula is at the top of that list. A true labor of love.”

"For me, Blacula is a book about vengeance and justice wrapped in frightening vampire horror,” added Jason Shawn Alexander. “You can't ask for more.”

Blacula: Return of the King is released in February, but you don’t have to wait that long to get a glimpse at the bleeding good time inside its covers. Read on for an exclusive preview below.

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