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DC's Blue Beetle movie reveals unexpected costar in its marketing - the Spanish language

Warner Bros is partnering up with Memrise to make Blue Beetle-themed English and Spanish lessons!

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Blue Beetle is hitting theaters tomorrow. While you're watching, you're going to want to keep an eye out for a special unannounced star of the show - the Spanish language. Last year, Susan Sarandon shared with Comicbook.com that parts of the film would be in the Spanish language with English language subtitles, which is pretty exciting, and it seems like Warner Bros is leaning into highlighting Spanish with their new collaboration with language learning app Memrise.

In honor of the release of Blue Beetle, Memrise is launching two language-learning experiences, one teaching Spanish to English speakers and the other teaching English to Spanish speakers. The exciting Blue-Beetle-ness of it all though, is that the lessons will feature clips, vocab, and even conversations pulled from the actual movie.

As for the importance of this collaboration between Memrise and Warner Bros, Memrise's Head of Growth Marketing, Sandra Olivia Zavala shared in a statement, "As a Mexican woman who embraced English through American TV, I know the power of film in bridging worlds. Learning a language through a film like BlueBeetle is about more than learning words; it’s about embracing stories that resonate with your soul. Together, we’re not just learning Spanish, but also the vibrant tapestry of our shared human experience."

A similar sentiment came form Warner Bros' Xavier Petit, Head of EMEA Partnerships and Alliances at Warner Bros. Pictures UK. “This collaboration is a great opportunity to design bespoke Spanish lessons around Blue Beetle, the first Latino Super Hero in DC’s history to come to the big screen, and to inspire users as they build confidence and effectively learn and communicate in an innovative and fun way.”

To learn more about this collaboration and how you can "Get bitten by the language learning bug," check out Memrise's Blue Beetle landing page.

Blue Beetle hits theaters this weekend. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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