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Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte continues to outperform everything else on Netflix

How many people wanted to visit the early days of Bridgerton's queen? Just a few million

Queen Charlotte
Image credit: Netflix

Really, it’s Bridgerton’s world and Netflix is just living in it. For the second week in a row, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is the most-watched show on the streaming service, with more than 158 million viewing hours — an increase on its first week in the list. What’s more, the show’s release has brought both seasons of the original Bridgerton back into the top 10 most watched shows, as well.

According to Netflix, Queen Charlotte scored 158.68M hours viewed in its second week, for a total of 307 million viewing hours to date; that translates as roughly 47 million views for the entire series. The 158 million views are a stunning five times greater than the second-most watched show on Netflix for the same time period — May 8 through 14 — with the second season of Firefly Lane coming in with 31.9 million hours. The first season of Bridgerton ranks at #5 on the list with 23.9 million hours, with the second season scoring 17.25 million hours.

The week prior, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story managed to score 148,280,000 watch hours between May 1 and May 7, effortlessly vaulting to the top of the platform’s most-watched television shows for the week. What made this an even more impressive feat is that the six-episode miniseries wasn’t actually released on Netflix until May 4, meaning that it hit that impressive figure in just four days. (Clearly, a lot of people really wanted to see how Charlotte took the throne.) If you factor that the entire runtime of the season is a little under seven hours — six hours and 49 minutes, to be precise — that means that the season was watched in full somewhere around 21.9 million times in four days. That’s a pretty impressive figure.

If you’re wondering how this compares with the main Bridgerton series, that show’s second season racked up 193 million hours in its first week of release, but it was also longer — eight episodes versus six, and eight and a half hours versus just under seven — meaning that the overall number of views per season was impressively close: 22.7 million, versus Queen Charlotte’s 21.9.

How long this streak is going to hold up is going to be interesting to watch, but for now, it's clear that Queen Charlotte is by some distance the hottest thing on Netflix right now... and that Bridgerton is firmly here to stay, as far as the streaming service is concerned.

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