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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to Netflix US in February 2024, but there's a catch

Netflix subs will be able to stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine soon, partially.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast
Image credit: Fox/NBC

Netflix continues to pick up network shows, and among the new 2024 arrivals is the renowned NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is touching down in February.

The fan-favorite show will become part of Netflix's licensed offerings starting February 26, 2024.

This won't affect its availability on other platforms such as Peacock Premium." Of course, we weren't expecting NBC Universal to take one of their biggest shows out of the media group's own platform. This is just a matter of making extra money by sharing movies and TV series with a huge following, which is the same kind of strategy that Warner Bros. Discovery has been pushing recently.

Unlike Netflix US, most international territories can currently stream all eight seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as the distribution landscape looks quite different outside the North American market.

For those planning to start watching it for the first time, we can tell you without spoiling anything that the show follows a group of atypical police detectives working in the New York precinct. It's hilarious and often heartfelt because of the writing and the actors' spectacular performances. It's part of the reason why fans will be missing Andre Braugher for a very very long time after he sadly passed away last year, as he was always considered to be one of the series' highlights.

As the 'streaming wars' heat up and become even more competitive, it's become abundantly clear that Netflix remains king despite the recent price hikes that caused quite the ruckus. Part of the secret to their success seems to be mixing an extensive catalogue of original movies and shows with a strong push into animation/anime as well as carefully selecting the biggest shows and movies 'for sale' from other companies and studios.

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