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Marvel portfolio reviews, B2B panels, retailer-only events and a new creator breakfast highlight C2E2 2023 Pro track

C2E2 2023 to feature new wave of Creator, Retailer and Professional programming including Lunar Distribution, Dan Mora, retailer breakfast, new creator breakfast, and more

C2E2 2022
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The Emerald City Comic Con 2023 Pro and Creator programming was just the start; ReedPop will once again be offering a track of programming for creators and industry professionals at the upcoming Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2023, in addition to a packed weekend of big panels — some of which you’ll be able to watch right here — as well as cosplay championships and an appearance by Captain America (no big deal).

That programming will include a Lunar Retailer Breakfast, a private retailer-only signing with Dan Mora and Kyle Higgins, an invite-only creator breakfast, and even Marvel Comics portfolio reviews.There’s also a pro and creator mixer happening at the Hyatt Bar on Friday night, for those looking to network and put faces to names.

The official line-up of pro and creator programming for C2E2 2023 as it currently stands looks a little something like this:

C2E2 Industry panels

Day Time Topic Location
Friday, March 31 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Lunar Retailer Breakfast Retailers only: contact Lunar for info
Friday, March 31 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Private Retailer Signing with Dan Mora + Kyle Higgins Retailers only: contact Lunar for info
Friday, March 31 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Retailer’s Chat and Chill Retailers only: contact Lunar for info
Friday, March 31 1:15 PM-2:00 PM Events! Do Them S102 (Next to the Fountain/Main entrance of C2E2)
Friday, March 31 2:15 PM-3:00 PM Meet the Pubs: Bad Idea and Devil's Due S102
Friday, March 31 4:15-5:15PM Popverse presents: 1-on-1 with Christina Merkler from Lunar Distribution, DCBS, CBLDF S102 (Next to the Fountain/Main entrance of C2E2)
Friday, March 31 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM Friday Pro and Creator Mixer Hyatt Bar
Saturday, April 1 8:00AM New Creator Breakfast w/ Robert Wilson IV Invite only
Saturday, April 1 11:15AM-12:15PM Authentic and Effective Social Media Marketing for Creators S102 (Next to the Fountain/Main entrance of C2E2)
Saturday, April 1 12:35PM-1:35PM Creating Your Brand S102 (Next to the Fountain/Main entrance of C2E2)
Saturday, April 1 1:45PM-2:45PM Transitioning IP to Film and TV IP S102 (Next to the Fountain/Main entrance of C2E2)

C2E2 industry meet-ups

ReedPop is also holding themed pro meetups during the weekend. Here is the current lineup:

Day Time Topic Location
Friday, March 31 11:15AM-12: 00PM Librarians, Educators and Creators Meetup Room S502-A
Friday, March 31 2:15PM-3:00PM Creators, Industry Rep, and Retail Meetup Room S502-A
Friday, March 31 5:15PM-6:00PM Media, Publishers and Creators Meetup Room S502-A
Saturday, April 1 11:15AM-12:00 PM Game Developers, Creators, and Licensing Professionals Meetup Room S502-A
Saturday, April 1 4:00PM-5:00PM Comic Collaborator Connection Room S502-A
Saturday, April 1 5:15PM-6:00 PM Movies/TV/Music and Creators Meetup Room S502-A

All programming on the Pro and Creator track is available only to Pro badge holders at the convention.

Marvel Comics portfolio reviews

Marvel Comics will again be on-hand at C2E2 2023, conducted limited portfolio reviews on Saturday and Sunday of the show (with drop-offs happening the day before, respectively).

Portfolios can be submitted in Room N426AB on Friday, March 31 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and Saturday, April 1 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. Review sessions for these submissions will take place the following day(s), Portfolios MUST contain your contact information. This includes your full name, cell phone number, and e-mail address. Portfolio review schedule will be posted in Room N426AB on the mornings of Saturday, April 1 and Sunday , April 2. Please visit this location to confirm your scheduled review time and location for the reviews.

Do not leave original work with us. Whatever your portfolio contains, make sure you keep the original work. We cannot be responsible for any lost or misplaced work.

Please respect the Editors' time and opinion, Review sessions are limited to artists only, Not all submissions will be chosen for review, Please note: Submissions/portfolios will NOT be returned.

C2E2 2023 will take place Friday March 31 through Sunday April 2, in McCormick Place. You can find out more about what Popverse has planned for the show right here; Popverse is a sister company of C2E2, under the umbrella of ReedPop.

Popverse has big plans for C2E2 2023, and this is where you can learn about them.

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