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C2E2 fan profile: This Fallout 4 cosplayer has been coming to C2E2 for longer than a decade

After all of these years, Kevin Bley has just entered his first cosplay contest

Photograph of Kevin Bley in costume
Image credit: Popverse

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Kevin Bley is a big gamer, and that came across immediately before I even started talking to him on the show floor at C2E2. Bley was sporting a full-on Fallout 4 cosplay complete with a stuffed toy version of Dogmeat wearing dog armor.

Bley has been coming to C2E2 since 2010, but there are new experiences for him all the time. This year, he joined the cosplay contest for his very first time. He had a great time at the contest, and says that it was "humbling" too, to see other cosplayers' work up close - not that Bley's own cosplay is anything to sniff at; the costume took about 40-50 hours to put together. The most difficult part of putting the costume together wasn't even his own armor, but the dog's armor (which is actually meant to fit Bley's real-life dog Kaboose).

For many Fallout fans, the first thing on the mind right now is the new television show from Prime Video. When I asked Bley what he thought of it, he responded positively, adding, "It was really faithful to the [game] series."

As for what he's checking out now? Bley thinks his new favorite game is going to be Baldur's Gate 3, but he's still "abstaining from playing it because I know I'm gonna get sucked in. I've had it since Christmans."

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