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Chill with Captain America's Cold War panel at NYCC '22 with writers Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Tochi Onyebuchi

Follow along with the Captain America: Cold War – A This Week in Marvel Special Event panel from New York Comic Con 2022

Captain America Cold War teaser by Paco Medina
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel’s two Captain Americas (Captains America?) are headed towards a collision in the upcoming 2023 crossover storyline Cold War, and during a Thursday afternoon panel at New York Comic Con, the three writers responsible for deciding what happens to Marvel’s men who dress like the American flag are ready to spill some beans about what’s about to happen.

Thursday’s Captain America: Cold War – A This Week in Marvel Special Event panel isn’t just a chance for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty writer Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, Captain America: Symbol of Truth writer Tochi Onyebuchi, and editor of both titles, Alanna Smith to talk to moderators Ryan Penagos and Lorraine Cink about next year’s event, though; it’s also a live recording of Penagos and Cink’s This Week in Marvel podcast, so the possibility of other secrets from the House of Ideas being teased during the hour-long panel might be higher than you think.

Popverse is going to be live-blogging the panel live and direct from the Javits Center, and we’re prepared to bring you all the secrets, spoilers, and shared story sneaks from right here in Room 401 for the next hour as they happen. Keep following along on this page for up-to-the-minute updates during the panel, or simply come back when it’s all over to read everything in one sitting.

Throughout all of New York Comic Con 2022, Popverse is going to be keeping tup with everything that happen, from panels and breaking news to interviews and the best cosplay on the show floor. We’ll be sharing everything as it happens — including exclusive livestreams from the biggest panels at the show — so let us keep you in the loop all weekend.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Hello, running into some tech issues, but hope to be up soon.

Pierce Lydon

Hi everyone! We are here at the Captain America: Cold War panel with This Week in Marvel hosts Ryan Penagos and Lorraine Clink.

Pierce Lydon

The panel includes Tonye Onyebuchi the writer of Captain America: Symbol of Truth

Pierce Lydon

Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly of Captain America: Sentinel of Libery as well as Alanna Smith - editor of the Cap line

Pierce Lydon

Lorraine kicks things off with a question for our gests: "What was your Marvel origin story?"

Tiffany Babb

For Collin Kelly, it was the CapWolf story arc that hooked him into Marvel comics
For Jackson Lanzing, the Spider-Man Clone Saga arc got him into Marvel, but the Ultimates really solidified things for him.
Tochi Onyebuchi says that X-Men the animated series was what hooked him and 11 years ago he was actually a Marvel intern and panel host Ryan Penagos was his boss.
For editor Alanna Smith, it was a combination of games and then borrowing comics from friends who had read more comics than her.
Moving on we are talking about Captain America: New World Order hitting theaters in May 2024. Ryan Lorraine are recapping the announcements we saw at D23. Thunderbolts is on the screen now.
There is also a brand new Marvel game from Skydance coming soon.
Moving on to the comics, Alanna is recapping the events of Symbol of Truth and Sentinel of Liberty. Symbol of Truth is seeing Sam Wilson butting heads with Black Panther while Steve is following a conspiracy surrounding a group called The Outer Circle in Sentinel of Liberty.
The next issue of Sentinel of Liberty will deal with the aftermath of issue #5 which sees Bucky and Steve at odds.
Lorraine asks Jackson what fans can expect from the book in the next few issues.
Lanzing says that his friendship with Kelly is a major inspiration on the book. "A lot of our books end up being about friendship... Neither of us are Steve or Bucky but I think all of us have a little bit of each of them in us."
Kelly said that they wanted to explore what splits people apart even when they start as best friends.
"We have to take these characters to a place where they really are at odds with each other so we can make it hurt. We want your tears," - Kelly.
"Every time we've gotten a chance to come in with new character and new premises in a mythos that means so much to us... it's a real trip." - Lanzing
Lanzing says that Cold War is a great opportunity for both Cap titles to come together in a really exciting way.
Penagos asks the same of Onyebuchi and he is excited to build up Sam Wilson's canon.
"I get to do things like have Deadpool drop in on an issue and that's interesting to play around with but I also get to explore the relationship that Sam Wilson has with a place like Wakanda." - Onyebuchi.
Onyebuchi talks about how he is exploring his own first generation Nigerian-American identity on the page and that's been a really rewarding experience for him.
Onyebuchi says that we have not seen the last of the White Wolf. He explains that White Wolf is T'Chaka's adopted son before T'Challa. He's not resentful of T'Challa and Wakanda because he was not able to become Black Panther.
Onyebuchi says that the future of Symbol of Truth will involve a character named Ian Rogers. Ian is Steve's adoptive son from Dimension Z. "He's going to be an essential piece as we move forward." - Alanna Smith.
Onyebuchi is also really excited to dig more into Joaquin Torres' Falcon.
Penagos is going to show us some video content that will be coming out in the coming months.
It's called Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson: Best Bros for Life, part of Marvel's Long Story Short.
This series is a comedic retelling of the two characters' history together.
Next up, we're talking about Captain America and the Winter Soldier Special #1.
This will feature a new look and new mission for Bucky. "Bucky has been living in his own cycle of guilt for his entire history and we wanted somethign that was more forward-looking for him." - Lanzing
"This annual will dive into The Outer Circle... We are going to put it all on the table so that you can realyl know what our heroes are facing." - Kelly
STarting in issue #7 of Sentinel of Liberty, Lanzing says that Steve will need to think about his own mission differently. It will see the return of Sharon Carter as a permanent fixture in the book. Peggy will also return "in a new costume with new context" according to Lanzing.
While it looks like MODOK is on the cover of issue #8 but the writers assure us that is not the case. Emma Frost will guest star and she'll be messing with Steve's head a bit at well. "8, 9, and 10 start to get real trippy." - Lanzing
In Spring 2023, we'll see the start of Captain America: Cold War.
Onyebuchi says that it's been a while since Steve and Sam have been around each other so they'll have some things to work out as Cold War begins.
Lanzing says that the writers really need to think about the reasons for all the characters to be there. "They all have selfish motivations at this point." - Lanzing
Steve, Sam, Bucky and Ian are all at a crossroads as this event unfolds. They have all self actualized and this event is the climax of the first year of these books.
Lanzing and Kelly talk about how they are putting these characters through their paces and how a symbol like Captain America can relate back to us as actual people living in the real world.
Smith says that it's interesting to see characters who are on the same side but are still fundametnally different in their approach and that's something she really loves about the work that all three writers have been doing in their books.
That's all the news we have for you today! Look for Captain America: Cold War in 2023! Thanks for following along!