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It's official: Captain Marvel is now a Disney Princess

Pilot. Hero. Avenger. Princess. Who says you can't have it all?

The Marvels
Image credit: Marvel Studios

It's official: Marvel's Carol Danvers - AKA Captain Marvel - is a Disney Princess.

In the new movie The Marvels in theaters now, it happens. But Disney and Marvel have kind of told us already in not so many words that I kind of feel guilty for not noticing it sooner.

No spoilers for The Marvels (yet).

Disney Princess checklist: Does Captain Marvel qualify?

  • Character must be in a Disney film: Once Disney bought Marvel, all Marvel projects pass this requirement by extension.
  • Character must be a princess: In the buildup to The Marvels, it was confirmed that in the film Captain Marvel would be revealed to have married Prince Yan, a new character in the MCU (played by Park Seo-joon). If you marry a prince, at least where I'm from - you get to be a princess.
  • Singing, while not always required, is heavily recommended: Prince Yan is from a planet named Aladna where their language is music, so they sing to communicate. As mentioned in Marvel's marketing for The Marvels, Brie Larson sings in the movie.

Now... spoilers ahead for The Marvels.

Yes, she's a Disney Princess. The singing is real, she's definitely a princess (of a water world, to boot), and the dress... is... yes.

I even found a similar version of Captain Marvel's Disney princess dress from the movie made by Her Universe that you can buy now at Hot Topic.

There are (and have been) princesses at Marvel or years now (decades even!), but one that also sings and is in a musical? I think Captain Marvel is the first.

For more on this movie, read our massive guide to The Marvels ending - from the final moments, to the credits, to th mid-credits scene, and even that post-credits scene you might miss. Spoilers, obviously.

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