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Once again, Brazil's CCXP is the biggest comic convention in America

Yes, even bigger than San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

Chris Hemsworth, George Miller, and Anna Taylor-Joy at CCXP 2023
Image credit: CCXP 2023

The biggest comic convention in America is happening right now. No, it's not New York Comic Con, and no its not San Diego Comic Con. It's CCXP, ad its on track to break its record of 280,000 people in its eekend event.

CCXP, which is held annually at Brazil's São Paulo Expo, has told Popverse that is is expecing to not only eclipse 280,000 people, but not just by a little bit - but by a lot. They're on record for saying by the end of CCXP 2023 this Sunday, they expect to track oer 285,000 people at the show.

(That'd despite the convention center, the São Paulo Expo, being less than half the size of NYCC' Javits Center.)

How do they do it? One by being the biggest convention in not only America, but being ginormously larger than anything else in Brazil or all of South America. It also benefits from cultivating a strong relationship with movie and TV studios, who now routinely bring their major genre releases here.

On Thursday, the first trailer for the Mad Max spin-off Furiosa debuted at CCXP. On Saturday its expected to do the same for the TV show fallout and the new seasons of Game of Thrones' House of the Dragon and Star Trek Discovery. Then on Sunday, they're having panels for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire, and Dune: Part 2.

And for this, studios not only bring footage but also much of the cast and crew.

(Yes, it helps that this is the first major con since the Actor's Strike ended.)

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