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Choose your post-apocalyptic adventure: Which future dystopia from pop culture would you like to live in?

Is there a particular flavor of dystopia that you'd like to choose from? Walking Dead? Mad Max? Or worse?

The Matrix
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We’ve already asked you what your favorite post-apocalyptic movie is, but there’s a different question about the end of the world and its assorted fictions that we’d like your input on. Namely, out of all of the many different dystopian possibilities out there in media, which one would you rather live in?

No, “none of the above” isn’t an option; neither is, “can I just skip over all the dystopian stuff and live in Star Trek? That’s technically post-apocalyptic if you follow all the lore,” because, sure, that’s technically correct — you can even make the point of Star Trek being post-multiple apocalypses, depending on how you parse the Eugenics Wars and World War III — but it’s not entering into the actual spirit of what we’re talking about and you know it, thank you very much.

It really is, at heart, a very simple question: if you had to live in the hellscape that is the dystopia of the following big name media franchises, which one would you choose? We’re not even going to ask why, although if you’d like to share, we are more than ready to listen in the comments below.

And, yes, of course we have our own choices about the answer to this poll, but we don’t want to influence your choices too much. Let’s just say this: the idea of hanging out with lots of Apes sure seems like it’d be fun until you remember that all the humans were kept as slaves for the majority of the first movie…

For now, though: read the list below, ask yourself what really is the future that you want to live, and then put your vote to work! We won’t hold it against you later, unless your vote somehow magically shapes future events.

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