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Chucky Season 3 finale introduces even more characters starring Devon Sawa

And we thought we saw the last of him in part 1

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This article contains spoilers for the Chucky TV series.

For fans of the Chucky TV series on SYFY, we've come to expect actor Devon Sawa, who has appeared in movies such as Final Destination and Casper, to play a character who inevitably gets killed off.

In season 1, Sawa played twin characters, who met their demise in episodes 1 and 7. In season 2, Sawa played a priest who had an 'explosive' exit, also in episode 7. In season 3, Sawa exited the show as President James Collins in episode 4. Due to the writer's strike, Chucky season 3 only aired its first 4 episodes in the Fall of 2023. This was the earliest any of Sawa's characters had left the show, and there was curiosity if we would see him again this season...

Luckily, showrunner Don Mancini loves creating characters for Sawa (and also killing them), and we got not one but two more Sawa characters this season, one of them appearing in the massive finale episode.

In an interview with Popverse's Veronica Valencia, Mancini discusses his reasoning for bringing Sawa back every season, and the many characters he gets to originate.

You can learn all the details in the video below.

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