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Clan Outlander is in the House at NYCC

Outlander Cosplayers Show Their Colors (and Kilts!) at NYCC

Three Outlander cosplayers standing next to each other and smiling at the camera
Image credit: Jim McDermott- Popverse

A number of the Outlander cast are at NYCC this weekend, and consequently there’s been a lot of plaids and sporrans walking the floor. I took some time on Saturday to talk to some family members of the extended Clan Fraser.

What are your names?

Dan, Erika and Natalie.

Who are you cosplaying?

Dan: I’m Father Bain.

Erika: I am just one of the members of the French court.

Natalie: Yes, just a lass.

Why did you choose them?

Natalie: Because I have a huge crush on Jamie Fraser.

Erika nods.

Dan: I’m a grumpy old man.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

Erika: Probably the present. I like working toilets and showers.

Natalie: Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good man in this life.

Dan: I say the past. I don’t like computers. The present’s not my sort of thing.

Natalie: He would have done well. He would have thrived.

Natalie: We’re going to hit the quiet room later for him.

What is your name?


Who are you cosplaying?

I think I’m a combination between Jamie and maybe Dougal. But my fiancé and I are also doing Droughtlander, with a little bit of sunken eyes and chapped lips. It’s been so long between seasons, we’re all thirsty for it.

Why did you choose to cosplay this?

I just love the show, love Scotland, love all of it. For my fiancé and I some of our favorite TV time has been spent watching Outlander.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

I kind of think I would choose the past. I think it would be a little difficult, wars, medicine and all that. But I think the pace of life might be a little bit slower and less hectic.

What’s your name?


Who are you cosplaying?

I’m cosplaying as Claire Fraser from season one.

Why did you choose her?

I already had this pattern, and I loved it so much that I wanted to make it. And the thing is, Claire is a doctor. People like to say women didn’t do anything in history. Yes, they did. They were just as involved in these wars and conflicts as the men were. And having a character like Claire represents that. Yes, she’s fictional but it makes people curious about what were women’s roles in Jacobite Scotland, in the American revolution, things like that. I’m a historian professionally, and her character gets people interested in history. That’s what I really love about her.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

Considering that we have significantly cleaner water, cleaner streets, what have you and better health care for the most part, I would probably stay here. But I’m also a historical reenactor, so I don’t really need to go back in time because I’m living it, in a way.

What are your names?

Lisa, Alyssa and John.

Who are you cosplaying?

Lisa: I’m cosplaying as Aunt Jocasta. I dressed Alyssa as Brianna. And he’s Murtagh, my lover.

Why did you choose them?

Lisa; She’s the same age as me and I love her character. I always think of myself as Auntie and she’s called Auntie a lot.

Alyssa: We’re very much alike in character—her bubbly but tough side, and she’s very resilient, just like me.

John: All I did is dress up in the outfit. I watch the show all the time but I didn’t know who I was going as.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

Lisa: Yes. I just love that time. There’s no big city, there’s no bright lights. I like the country, the horse and buggies. I would gladly grow a garden. (I do grow a garden.) I hand sew. I’m meant to be there.

Alyssa: I would say yes, because I don’t feel like I belong in this time period. I feel like I belong in the past. I’m old fashioned and I don’t get along with many people in this age.

John: I would love it. I’m a big hunter I love the old guns they have. I would like to go back in time with the Indians, hopefully change what happened, and just be in a time when there are tons of animals around that aren’t around anymore, and the land was pristine and beautiful and not chopped up like it is today.

Image credit: Jim McDermott
What’s your names?

I’m Cris and this is my daughter Alexa.

Who are you cosplaying?

Cris: Mrs. Fitz

Alexa: Murtagh.

Why did you choose them?

Cris: She’s old and fat. That works for me. (Laughs) I’ve got the vibe going already.

Alexa: I really liked the costume, the colors and everything. And I had the boots. Most of this I already owned: these [the outer jacket] are thrift store curtains, and this [the skirt] is a blanket I got on Amazon. The rest of this I already had. I’m not really a big fan of Outlander, but I really liked the character design, and I know the character is a fan favorite.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

Cris: Knowing that I could come back, I would like to visit. And if I could be Jamie, hell yeah I’d stay.

Alexa: I wouldn’t want to live in the past. Just modern medicine…

Cris: Yeah, I was raised with modern conveniences. I don’t even go camping.

What’s your name?


What Outlander character are you?

Come on, man, I’m Bro Thor.

Why did you choose him of all the Outlander characters?

Again, I’m Bro Thor, the Avenger? And I chose him because I’ve got long blonde hair.

If you stumbled onto the Craigh na Dun— The what?

The stone circle that transports Claire to the 18th century Highlands.

My guy, I am not from Outlander.

But if you were Claire though, would you choose to live in the past or stay in the present?

Dude, I’m Thor. I’ve lived for thousands of years.

So which did you prefer? Wait, why are you walking away?

Because a god does not smite the feeble-minded, and I am getting tempted to make an exception.

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