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Comcast, Netflix & Apple become a band of brothers as the streaming wars begin anew

Netflix/Apple/Comcast vs. Disney/Warner Bros.. It's a streaming war!

Masters of the Air
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Sometimes you're brand-new, sometimes you're retro. In this case, you're both.

Comcast has announced plans to sell a new streaming bundle as an add-on to all of its cable, internet, and mobile phone customers. Dubbed 'StreamSaver,' this bundle will include a Netflix membership, an Apple TV+ membership, and a Peacock membership - the latter is a sister company to Comcast - at what the company says is a "vasty reduced price." The bundle is intended to better compete with other streaming services, as announced by Comcast chief Brian Roberts (as reported by Variety).

Although Comcast's competition isn't mentioned by name, Roberts says one of the goals is to "take dollars out" of other streaming services' hands.

This follows Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery's recent announement of their own 3-way bundle - comprised of Max, Disney +, and Hulu - and public talks of a sports bundle of some time between Disney, Warner Bros., and Fox Corporation.

In essence, these media giants are re-inventing cable TV - complete with group packages for multiple channels (in this case, streaming services) - hoping to sell more memberships, even for a small discount, in exchange for coaxing consumers to subscribe to more streaming services.

Comcast is scheduling StreamSaver to go live just before they do a planned Peacock rate hike in July 2024.

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