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With the strike over, one of comic cons' quintessential joys is returning: actors talking about their projects

Back to life, back to con reality

Veronica Valencia and Chris Evans
Image credit: ReedPop

It looks like comic conventions are about to change again. For the better. Change back, that is.

With Hollywood movie studios coming to a deal with SAG-AFTRA (to more fairly pay the talented actors and writers who make their movies and TV shows happen), the guilds representing those actors and writers have ended their strike and are now able to talk about those movies and tv shows you all love.

And we here at Popverse, who attend over a dozen comic and pop culture conventions each year, are excited.

While we respect and supported the strikes (I am a member of Writers Guild of America East, and one of our team is a member of SAG), the actors and writers inability to talk about the movies and tv projects definitely impacted this year's major comic conventions like San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and MCM Comic Con - just to name a few. And while it was for the right reasons, now it's seemingly over.

Are we sure? Yes! One of the things that makes Popverse special is that it's owned by the largest comic convention company in the world - ReedPop - and our co-workers over in the event side are usually easy to reach out to to ask what's going on.

So with the strike over, I asked ReedPop's Event Vice President Kristina Rogers - she oversees all four of ReedPop's comic conventions, as well as ReedPop's partnership with Lucasfilm for Star Wars Celebration.

"We’re delighted there has been a tentative agreement reached with SAG-AFTRA and studios and look forward to resuming celebrity and studio content at our events," Rogers tells us.

And this change is already manifesting in the convention world. Both Brazil's CCXP and Los Angeles Comic Con have amended their panel schedules to let fans know that the announced actors will be there to talk about the things you know them for.

As someone who moderated (and helped prepare to moderate) several panels involving actors during the strike, the people behind-the-scenes-felt what you were feeling. We're glad better terms were reached for actors and writers, so now they can focus on performing in and talking about their projects.

Here's a list of all the upcoming comic conventions.