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Image Comics' Petrol Head gets optioned for a movie from the company behind X-Men: Days of Future Past's VFX

Rob Williams and Pye Parr's future dystopian post-apocalyptic racing comic is headed for the big screen

Petrol Head #3
Image credit: Pye Parr/Image Comics

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You love Rob Williams and Pye Parr’s Petrol Head, and we love Rob Williams and Pye Parr’s Petrol Head. The post-apocalyptic robot racing series that has both heart and drive — sorry, couldn’t resist — from Image Comics drew a lot of attention when it first appeared in 2023 from Image Comics, and it’s about to win over even more: the series has been optioned for movie development by the company responsible for visual effects on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Producer Lee Brazier — who was executive producer on Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ hit Beatles-themed romcom Yesterday — has optioned the movie for Mr. B Films, where he’ll work with Janice Fidler and Blondel Aidoo of VFX house Rabbit Hole Studios to bring the story to the screen. Rabbit Hole has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, and most recently, Netflix’s Jennifer Lopez sci-fi vehicle Atlas.

It’s early days for the project, so no U.S. distributor has been linked to the project just yet, nor is there a release date for the movie even being teased. Previous Mr. B Films projects have included Kill, recently acquired by Saban Films for the US, and the high concept of “Speed Racer + Mad Max + robots” makes Petrol Head the kind of project that Netflix would be particularly interested in…

The news arrives on the day that the trade paperback collection of the Petrol Head comic book series arrives in comic book stores, making it even easier for newcomers to catch up before the movie becomes a big deal.

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