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We found the emotional heart of the end of the world in this Petrol Head #2 preview

Take a sneak peek at the second issue of the sci-fi series from creators Rob Williams and Pye Parr

Petrol Head #2
Image credit: Pyr Parr/Image Comics

The ultimate race for survival is on — but Image Comics’ new sci-fi series Petrol Head has more surprises than anyone expects as it speeds into its second issue, as Popverse’s preview from the issue can reveal.

November's first issue of the new series from 2000 AD veterans Rob Williams (Judge Dredd, Hershey) and Pye Parr (Intestinauts) introduced its title character — a cigar-smoking robot bruiser who races hot rods for the entertainment of humanity in a future dystopia, as if someone had made Marvel's Ben Grimm into a curmudgeonly robot with a literal heart of gold — as well as someone who might be the true hero of the story: Lupa, a 12-year-old who might have the key to saving the world - well, as long as the authorities don’t kill her first. Of course, the two meet up (along with Lupa's father) and set out on the road together... but they're not alone.

Sounds like a recipe for thrills, spills, and… emotionally-charged scenes...? Check out the preview for this week’s second issue in the gallery below if you don’t believe me.

The official description of the issue from Image Comics goes like this: “START YOUR ROBO-ENGINES! THE CHASE IS ON! Petrol Head and Lupa gun it for the SmogZone border with half the O-Zone's security drones and robo cops on their trail. Can one old racing robot outdrive the best new tech the city can build? And will Lupa’s father survive the experience?”

Petrol Head #2 is released this Wednesday digitally and in comic book stores.

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