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The Traitors star Kevin Kreider brings his Bling Empire to comics

Kevin Kreider has wanted to be a comics creator since he was a child - and now that he's a reality show star, he can do it

Kevin Kreider
Image credit: Asian Lead Love Stories Productions

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You know him from reality shows like Netflix's Bling Empire and Peacock's The Traitors, but all of that has been a prequel to what he's wanted to do since he was a child: create comics.

The multi-hyphenate model-turned-fitness-professional-turned-reality-show-star Kevin Kreider is adding one more job to his resume, as creator of a new comic series debuting later this month called Taejin: Legend of the Yang Metal. The series, set to debut May 23 on WEBTOON, comes as part of Kreider's Asian Lead Love Stories (ALLS) Productions shingle, and is written by Nina Gee with art by Razz.

"Taejin: Legend of the Yang Metalfollows rebellious teenager Taejin Choi after he pawns a mysterious family heirloom talisman, setting off a chain of events that awaken latent Yang Metal powers and lead him to fulfill his cosmic destiny, as he protects Philadelphia from evil," reads WEBTOON's description of the project. "The series is inspired by the Chinese astrological system known as Bazi and presents a new, modern take on the traditional superhero."

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Although Kreider is best known for his TV shows, comics was actually his first dream - as a child he wanted to be a comic artist. This new series is semi-autobiographical, with the protagonist based on himself as a teen.

"Creating my own take on the classic superhero has been a dream of mine since I was a kid," says Kreider. "I have been a fan of the genre for years, and to now have the opportunity to bring this new series to life with Razz, Nina, and our partners at WEBTOON has been thrilling. It was important to me to continue to expand Asian representation in entertainment and to spotlight that our identities are our special superpowers, and I can’t wait for readers to meet Taejin.”

Taejin: Legend of the Yang Metal will launch May 23 with three episodes, then be serialized with a new episode each Friday for 50 episodes.

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