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The Traitors release dates: When is the next version of the global reality sensation coming out?

Seems like every nation on the planet wants to get in on the action.

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How well do you think you could sniff out a potential murderer in your midst? That’s the question in play for the contestants on The Traitors, which it’s a group of celebrities and reality TV stars against each other for a big pile of cash. With new seasons in development for the UK and American versions of the show, when will we all get to put on our deerstalker hats for the next season of The Traitors?

The Traitors began life as a Dutch show called De Verraders but, like RuPaul's Drag Race, it has since spawned new versions all over the world. The Australian version of the show was canceled after its first season but most are giving contestants another go at banishing the Murderers and securing the prize fund.

When is The Traitors US release date?

With Alan Cumming as host, The Traitors US has become one of the most-watched reality shows of the past year. The second season began airing in January 2024 and a third season was announced by Peacock shortly after. However, no release date for The Traitors season three has been confirmed yet.

When is The Traitors UK release date?

A third season of The Traitors UK was announced back in November 2023, but no release date has been announced yet. We expect Claudia Winkleman to return as host but this hasn’t been confirmed.

When is The Traitors Sweden release date?

The Swedish version of The Traitors was released in September 2023 and was successful enough that a second season was commissioned. No release date for season two has been announced.

When is The Traitors Spain release date?

Spain released their version of The Traitors in February 2023. It was well-received by critics and fans but has not been picked up for a second season.

When is The Traitors Portugal release date?

Despite strong ratings during its first season in April 2023, there has not been any confirmation that a second season is in the works. Many fans speculate that the show has actually been canceled.

When is The Traitors Poland release date?

The Traitors Poland began airing in February 2024. It is currently airing at the time of this writing with no second season announced to be in development.

When is The Traitors Norway release date?

Norway’s The Traitors has aired three seasons since it began in February 2023. More seasons are expected to air in the coming years but no specific release date has been announced.

When is The Traitors New Zealand release date?

The Traitors New Zealand has already announced its plans for a second season, which is expected to begin filming in Summer 2024. Because it is so early in the production phase, no release date has been announced. However, there is a lot of speculation that the second season will pivot to a non-celebrity cast to add a new twist to the show.

When is The Traitors Netherlands release date?

The original version of The Traitors, the show is currently on its fourth full season along with three mini-seasons that have been streaming exclusives in the country. The fourth season began airing on February 16, 2024. The finale of this season is expected to air on May 3. A fifth season has not been announced yet.

When is The Traitors Israel release date?

Despite filming back in June 2023, the Israeli version of The Traitors still hasn’t aired. Keshet 12, the network airing the show, hasn’t announced a release date yet, but the show is expected to air at some point in 2024.

When is The Traitors Hungary release date?

The first season of The Traitors Hungary began airing on November 20, 2023 with a finale that aired on December 2, 2023. A second season has not yet been announced.

When is The Traitors Greece release date?

The first episode of The Traitors Greece aired on June 7, 2023 and finished one month later on July 7. A second season has not yet been announced.

When is The Traitors Germany release date?

After the first season of The Traitors Germany began airing on September 13, 2023. A second season has been announced but no release date has been confirmed.

When is The Traitors France release date?

The French have clearly enjoyed The Traitors so far, with two full seasons already having aired in August 2022 and July 2023. A third full season is in the works, with a streaming-exclusive season announced that will focus on web personalities and influencers expected to air in 2024 as well.

When is The Traitors Finland release date?

The Traitors Finland began airing on September 7, 2023. Despite strong ratings, a second season has not yet been announced.

When is The Traitors Denmark release date?

The Traitors Denmark began airing on July 28, 2023. On the same day that the finale aired, September 15, the network confirmed that a second season would be produced. The second season of The Traitors Denmark will begin airing on April 12, 2024.

When is The Traitors Canada release date?

The Canadian version of The Traitors began airing on October 2, 2023. The host, Karine Vanasse, also hosts the upcoming French-Canadian version of the show, making her the first person to host multiple versions of The Traitors. No details on a second season have been announced.

When is The Traitors Quebec release date?

Not content to merely share the English-language version of The Traitors, Quebec has developed its own version of the show. The first episode of it will air on April 8, 2024.

When is The Traitors Flanders release date?

Airing in the Flemish-speaking region of Belgium, The Traitors Flanders has aired for two seasons. The first began on February 7, 2022 and the second started airing on September 17, 2023. A third season has been announced but no release date has been set yet.

When is The Traitors Belgium release date?

After The Traitors Netherlands proved that the format could work, Belgium was the first version to be picked up by another nation. The first season of The Traitors Belgium aired on December 1, 2021. A second season premiered on January 22, 2023. A third season began airing on March 13, 2024. There have been no announced plans for a fourth season yet.

Are there new versions of The Traitors in development?

As if that wasn’t enough reality show intrigue to keep you busy, there are even more international versions of The Traitors in development. The following shows currently don’t have release dates and are listed as being either in production or in post-production.

  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Romania

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