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My Hero Academia creator says the manga franchise is ending soon, after amazing 10-year run

All stories must end eventually.

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For the past several years, My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular anime on the planet, with seven anime seasons and its fourth movie set to hit cinemas this summer. However, all good things must end eventually and that includes Deku’s story. As of Chapter 424 of the My Hero Academia manga, the story is officially entering its 'epilogue' phase.

We won’t go into details for those who are either keeping up with the anime or need to do a bit of catching up on the manga, but the story of My Hero Academia reached a suitable climax in Chapter 423, so it isn’t a huge surprise to hear that Kohei Horikoshi is looking to wrap things up. He said that he cannot end the manga so soon after that climax, so it will continue “for a short while” so he can wrap up some of the dangling plotlines and give some of the characters a proper send-off.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the hit anime that is based on the My Hero Academia manga is going anyway – we’ve still got several seasons of content left, and that doesn’t include the spin-off title My Hero Academia: Vigilantes or any of the theatrical films that have a somewhat dubious relationship with the manga’s canon. My Hero Academia remains a marketing machine that cannot be stopped. It does, however, mean that the end is within sight.

Horikoshi’s comments didn’t include anything about how long the manga’s epilogue will be, so we probably have several weeks of new issues waiting for us.

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