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Spider-Man + Spider-Boy + Radioactive blood = A brand new relationship this summer, teases Marvel

Get ready for Spider-Boy to meet the Spider-Warriors (and Spider-Society!) and things to get... bloody

Spider-Boy #10
Image credit: Paco Medina/Marvel

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Ever since he first showed up in 2023’s Spider-Man #7, there’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the teen hero known as Spider-Boy… and it’s a mystery that’s only been deepened the more we learn about his history. This summer, however, fans should expect everything we do know about Bailey Briggs to change, thanks to an intervention from a very familiar friendly-neighborhood face.

The solicitation copy for August’s Spider-Boy #10 provided by Marvel reads, “Spider-Boy meets the Spider-Warriors! Be careful, because each and every one of them is powered by spider-blood. Spider-blood? Yes, radioactive spider-blood! Guest-starring the Spider-Society. And featuring an event that will forever change how Spider-Man and Spider-Boy relate to each other – a major status quo change that will have massive repercussions for the two of them.”

Now, we’re not going to read too much into the word “relate,” there — but we are wondering if there’s going to be some kind of aftermath from so much radioactive blood flying around that could change Peter Parker’s found family going forward. I mean, it’s not as if Bailey could be some kind of long-lost relative, right…? (Stranger things have happened...)

The issue comes from Spider-Boy co-creator Dan Scott, with artists Nathan Stockman and Paco Medina. Media also provides the cover for the issue, showing Bailey and Peter together… along with a bunch of other familiar faces swinging by, as well. Take a look a the cover below, and look forward to the issue arriving in stores August 14.

Spider-Boy #10
Image credit: Paco Medina/Marvel

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