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The truth about comic conventions, in comic form (right now, for free!)

AHOY Comics' Con & On explores the con experience from all angles, from pro to fan

Con & On Preview
Image credit: Mauricet/AHOY Comics

If there’s one thing that should be clear about Team Popverse, it’s that we love conventions. Every single show is a microcosm of the world in its own right, filled with thousands of people with their own stories — which is at the heart of AHOY Comics’ wonderful Con & On.

A comic book highlight of 2023, the five-issue Con & On tells the story of a group of attendees at the same fictional comic book convention across more than two decades, as their careers and fandoms wax and wane, and both the world’s approach to fandom and the convention itself undergoes dramatic changes in the same period. Those who missed out on the series during its initial run have the chance to catch up with the release of its collected edition at the end of March.

AHOY’s description of the collection goes a little something like this: “A gripping comedy-drama that follows a fictional cast of fans and professionals down through the decades, as they attend the annual gathering of America’s biggest comic book convention. Meet close friends Eddie and Deja, aspiring young talents whose ambitions threaten to tear them apart; Anthony, Don & Finn, brilliant, boozy and bombastic British creators; and all of the crusty veteran editors, forgotten TV stars, and enthusiastic fans who make the convention experience something to revisit year after year.”

Sound like a good time? It definitely is, but don’t just take my word for it — you can read the complete first issue from the series below, courtesy of AHOY Comics.

The collected edition of Con & On will be released March 27. For anyone who loves conventions as much as we do, it’s a must-read.

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