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Watch MCM Birmingham 2023's Cosplay Showcase!

Talented artists from across the UK strut their stuff at the first night of Birmingham's pop culture blowout

Image credit: ReedPop

You couldn't walk through MCM Birmingham without catching some incredible costumes, but if you wanted to see them all in one place, you needed to go to the Cosplay Showcase.

All three nights of Birmingham's biggest pop culture event featured a Cosplay Showcase and, in case you couldn't make the trip yourself, Popverse was filming all of them. Check out the video below for the first night of monsters, heroes, NPCs and more.

Watch the Friday, December 1 Cosplay Showcase from MCM Birmingham Comic Con December 2023:

You can watch all the main stage panels from MCM Birmingham 2023 anytime here.

To learn more about who was crowned best cosplayer at Comic Con, check out Popverse’s coverage of the Cosplay Central Crown Championships at MCM Birmingham.

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