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Amazon Prime Video's Criminal TV show cast is about to be announced "soon" according to Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker is assembling a crew to commit crime - sort of - with Criminal's cast

Image credit: Sean Phillips (Image Comics)

Just 24 hours ago, news (via Deadline) came out that Amazon Prime Video had ordered a full season of the live-action adaptation of the crime noir comics series Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

Brubaker - who in addition to being co-creator will also be co-showrunner - says the faces of the show are being locked down, with an announcement imminent: "We should have news on directors and cast soon, though, and as much as I can, I'll try to find time to give you all behind the scenes looks at how the show is made," says Brubaker in a new edition of his newsletter.

The author also said he is currently scouting locations for the show with several of the producers, and confirmed Amazon's full season order was actually done back in November, but the announcement was held off to get more pre-production work on the show done.

Image credit: Sean Phillips (Image Comics)

"It's mostly been writing and meetings so far, but we're getting into the nuts and bolts of actually making it now, and it feels pretty surreal," says Brubaker. "But a good kind of surreal," he added.

Originally published by Marvel Comics, Brubaker and Phillips' Criminal has become the pair's signature work. After moving the series to Image, it became the bedrock to a 22-year collaboration between the two that has resulted in several Criminal sequels and spin-offs, as well as other standalone projects (all of which you should read).

"Navigating through a world of smoky barrooms and double-crosses to present tales of heists, murders, and cons, Criminal is determined to be different than any other book on the shelves today," reads the original description for the series by Marvel.

It's too soon to tell when the release date for this show might be, but given the current point the series finds itself into development, this would be a 2025 debut at the earliest. Stay tuned for the upcoming casting news as well as other updates, which we'll be sharing as they come.

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