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Critical Role's cast come up with a surprisingly dark end to Bells Hells (accidentally)

MCM October 2023's fans were the first to hear an unexpected direction the current campaign could take

Critical Role
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If fans had attended the MCM October 2023 Critical Role panel hoping to get a tease about what lies ahead for future episodes of the series, a surprising plot development might have been developed right in front of their very eyes, if somewhat unintentionally.

“There’s one thing that I kind of feel like this adventuring party all has in common,” Marisha Ray tells fans about the current campaign, Bells Hells. “We’re all just, like, two clicks away from being complete monsters. Chet being a werewolf, me with Delilah and whatever’s going on, Fearne being Fearne… I feel like we’re all just a hairline trigger from being nuclear bombs.”

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“I’m good!” yells Liam O’Brien, prompting cheers from the audience. After all, surely a halfling like Orym can’t cause that much trouble.

“That’s the end of the campaign,” adds Laura Bailey. “It’s just everybody breaks except for Orym, and he has to fight all of us.”

“Noted,” intones Matt Mercer, who notably is the GM for the campaign, in a suitably dramatic voice. So… wait. Did Ray and Bailey just accidentally come up with the way Bells Hells is going to go? Are all of the group — with the exception of Orym, of course — going to break bad? Surely not. And yet… it’s not entirely impossible…

There’s a lot more to enjoy in the full Critical Role panel from MCM London, which is available to view right here. After watching, why not go check out some of Popverse’s other panel videos from the weekend right here?

It’s time to start watching Critical Role, if you haven’t already. Here’s how you can do that easily; you’re welcome.

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