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Peanuts' Snoopy puffer jacket and my search for Christmas' hottest toy

It's like Lucy and the football, really

Snoopy wearing puffer jacket
Image credit: Charles Schulz

Everyone wants him.

And by him I mean the recently viral Puffer Jacket Snoopy toy that has been taking over TikTok. He's small. He's got great fashion sense. He's only $15. The only trouble is that no one can get him.

And I've tried.

Over the weekend, I travelled to three (and called two more) CVS stores, trying to track down one of these adorable Snoopy toys that seem to be bringing so much joy to so many people. Because I live in the suburbs (and near other suburbs), I figured I'd have a decent chance to nab one of these hot toys just because there simply aren't that many people living here. Unfortunately, every CVS I've seen (and talked to) are plumb out of adorable plush stock.

I didn't leave CVS empty handed though. There was plenty of other Peanuts merch on display including a great Woodstock Christmas tree ornament and other Christmas-related Peanuts decor. I chose to nab a $25 ice skating Snoopy toy that twirls in place while playing Christmas music (you can see the empty puffer-jacket-space nearby). Certainly a good purchase and a good deal, but not quite enough to fill the Puffer Jacket Snoopy sized hole in my heart.

Photograph of shop shelf at CVS
Image credit: Popverse

Now if you're really desperate for a puffer jacket Snoopy and, like me, you can't get luck at your local CVS, resellers are taking to eBay, and you can likely nab one for around $45 including shipping. Not quite the deal of the century, but surely a balm for those in need.

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