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Dan Slott dishes on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Doctor Who, and more at SDCC '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from the Dan Slott Spotlight panel at SDCC!

Dan Slott
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The full title of this panel is: The Dan Slott Panel of Comic Book Accountability, or "Why did you do THAT to my favorite comic character?," but that didn't fit into our header. BUT, that doesn't mean we're giving up on this thing! In fact, we're going to be covering the whole panel-- live!

Dan Slott has written a whole host of beloved characters over the years, most notably Spider-Man, and he's here to chat about his work and answer questions.

The offical panel synopsis reads: "It's 10 in the morning. Dan Slott has a spotlight panel and is probably groggy. If you ask him the right questions, he might slip up and accidentally give away something important. How can you pass that up? He's written Ren & Stimpy, Batman, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and the longest-ever run of Amazing Spider-Man. Ask him anything. Also, this will be the first panel where you can ask him questions about his NEW ongoing Marvel series . . . which will have been announced by now. Yeah. You know you've got questions about that!"

That "NEW ongoing Marvel series" is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

So stay tuned to this page and read along as things happen, or maybe go grab some breakfast and come back later to read the coverage after its all done!

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Dan Slott has entered the building.
The panel has began
It's weird to hear "why did you do this to my favorite character", and Dan thought it was weird when it was a character he created because it was always his plan to do that to this character
Dan is going to do the Q and A first because there is no moderator.
No one is at the mic - so he's doing storytime.
Back in the day, Dan thought comics came from his cousin's basement because that's where he discovered comics.
The first superhero comic he was introduced to was the Galactic Trilogy
He first bought his comic book at a spinner rack at the local 7/11 where he thought he would meet THE REAL Spider-Man.
The director of Comic Con has joined the panel
Dan Slott just got an ink pot on his panel!
He teared up and blown away by the surprise
He teared up and blown away by the surprise
"In a weird way Spider-Man is a team book. It's just how you show the subplots" -Dan Slott
Silver Surfer's arrival was the first character Dan read in comics.
When he pitched Silver Surfer, Axel didn't want him to be a "Cosmic Hippy", which is why there were a lot of weird Silver Surfer pitches
When you work in the industry you are obviously a fan because you fight to get into the industy. You don't fall into it. But you can't act like a fan when you are pitching. You need to act like a pro.
During a pitch meeting, there was a writer who said he had a twist on Inhumans. "Black Bolt can speak" and Dan had a fan tirade.
Dan's pitch for Silver Surfer was to reboot the character to humanize him just like they did with Doctor Who
Silver Surfer was late every month because he had so many books on his plate at that time, but they still did it
Silver Surfer's Dawn is like a Studio Ghibli heroine.
Dan Slott loves coming up with the titles of comic arcs
Dan Slott didn't want "Clone" in his "Clone Conspiracy" title.
Dan Slott says the biggest change for his new Spider-Man run is that he doesn't give any fucks.
Dan Slott left Spider-Man becuase of the schedule
"I get my wish but not the way I want it" when discussing his Spider-Man dream job talking the schedule.
Mark Bagley draws brilliantly and quickly.
The page he turned in yesterday WAS SO GOOD! The crowd shot is awesome in it.
Dan Slott could not use Norman Osborn, Venom, and Carnage during his time on Spidey, which is why he used Doc Octopus
He didn't want to use Kraven because he feels last hunt is the last story.
In the new series he's going to use Mr Negative, Myserio, etc - he's Doctor Octopus out right now
Spider-Verse was originally going to be a Superior Spider-Man story
Axel Alonso didn't like that version of it because he wanted Peter Parker 616
Dan Slott still uses the Marvel method of writing
Dan Slott loves writers who also happen to be artists.
Dan Slott in the early day of his career was known as the "funny animal writer" since he wrote Ren & Stimpy and Looney Tunes, but She Hulk paved a new path to superheroes and Marvel.
Dan Slott made Agent Venom because he wanted Flash to live his dream to become a Spider-Man. He was a true hero without powers.
He originally wanted to do a slow 1 year burn with Flash Thompson as Venom
Dan Slott thinks its fun when Marvel gives wrenches to his plan. That's his strength in his writing.
The Silver Age feel of Silver Surfer was all Mike Allred.
There are 1 or 2 Silver Surfer stories they didn’t tell. Maybe they’ll come back to do it, but they rather do the Silver Surfer take with a character like Doctor Strange.
Robert Stern is Dan Slott's favorite Spidey run
Anything that happens in the flagship will affect Slott's run too
It’s Spider-Man without a net
Jim Lee before he did X-Men he did a Nick Fury/Punisher book that never saw the light of day
He worked on it for so many years and it was interesting to see how his art grew
Dan Slott did a Punisher story that never saw the light of day
Dan Slott would love to do a Doctor Who/Spider-Man story
It was pitched, but it was never happened
Dan Slott would love to do a Captain America and Indiana Jones book in World War 2
When Dan Slott was writing Silver Surfer he wrote it like Mike Allred was drawing it, and magic happened and he was able to do the book. Allred knew that Slott wrote it for him when Dan showed him the script.
Mike and Dan only had one argument during their time on Silver Surfer. Mike wanted hair for Silver Surfer, and Dan said no
The panel has wrapped. Thank you for joining us

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