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Now Hiring: Be one of DC Comics' top bosses (Details within)

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It’s cliche, but it’s true: fandom is full of people who believe that they could do as well as any given professional if they simply had the opportunity. Now, that (traditionally unearned, let’s be honest) confidence has the opportunity to be tested, thanks to a newly published listing for a Group Editor position in DC’s publishing department that makes it very clear what it actually takes to step into that hallowed position.

According to the listing, the group editor — the group in question is purposely left undefined, meaning that we don’t know for sure if it’s for the Batman group position that was open as recently as two weeks ago — “manages and oversees a DC Universe editorial team dedicated to periodical comic books, graphic novels, collected editions, and other formats related to DC characters, worlds, stories, and new IP,” while also providing creative direction and oversight for new storylines and characters.

The listing specifies the responsibilities for the role as:

  • ”Manage editorial product based on existing IP and leverage their wide, commercial appeal to expand readership.”
  • ”Identify and develop new, world-building editorial stories and characters designed to expand on the franchise or group of titles when and if possible with the key creative stakeholders of the IP.”
  • ”Manage the creative process for editorial products from conception through publication. Ensure that schedules and quality standards are met.”
  • ”Seek to innovate and utilize new technologies to best reach existing and new partners and fans.”
  • ”Seek ways to freshen ongoing series with new talent and storylines.”
  • ”Oversee approval process to streamline and optimize communication and collaboration between editorial, creative, and other stakeholders.”
  • ”Supervise and develop team members, while collaborating with other Group Editors in developing events, launches, and crossovers.”
  • ”Performs other duties/projects as assigned.”

Applicants are expected to have 7 to 10 years of “directly related editorial experience,” as well as “at least” two years of managing a creative team. Additionally, necessary qualifications include “the ability to organize, work well under time constraints, meet deadlines, and manage multiple tasks and project elements simultaneously,” copyediting and proofreading skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud software, and “have the ability to communicate effectively and tactfully (both verbally and in writing) with individuals at all levels of the organization.” Knowledge of comic book mythologies and terminology, and the comic book industry as a whole, fall into the “nice to have” category.

The suggested pay range for the position is $91,000-$169,000 annually — a reminder that I have made some terrible life choices along the way, personally. Interested applicants should check out the full listing for themselves, and remember: we’ll all be watching. All of us.

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